Yung Shue O Jetties


There are two existing primitive jetties at the southern shoreline of Kei Ling Ha Hoi within Tai Po District.

The jetty to the east is constructed of solid concrete, whilst the jetty to the west is constructed of modular floating dock blocks. These primitive jetties are mainly used by visitors and mariculturists for accessing the neighboring mariculture rafts at the “Yung Shue Au Fish Culture Zone”.

The Yung Shue O Jetties are located adjacent to the Sai Kung West Country Park, which is a recognized site of conservation importance.

The insufficient water depth of the berth of the Yung Shue O Jetties makes berthing of vessels difficult, and the structures are in poor condition. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the jetties.

Pier Improvement

We will consult the relevant stakeholders and formulate appropriate improvements to the pier in response to visitor and local needs.

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