Ma Liu Shui Ferry Pier


Ma Liu Shui Ferry Pier is located in Sha Tin District and was built in 1980s.

Ma Liu Shui Ferry Pier is a major gateway to various popular Geo-sites of the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark. There are a number of existing regular licensed kaito ferry services running from this pier to Tung Ping Chau, Sham Chung, Tap Mun, Ko Lau Wan, Chek Keng, Lai Chi Chong and Wong Shek, which are popular destinations with tourism appeal.

The usage of these daily kaito ferry services is high, particularly during weekend when a large number of visitors travel to Tung Ping Chau through kaito ferry service at Ma Liu Shui Ferry Pier. The pier is also regularly used as a boarding point for local boat tours. In order to cope with the huge usage of Ma Liu Shui Ferry Pier during holiday, it is proposed to increase the number of berths of the pier.

Pier Improvement

We will consult the relevant stakeholders and formulate improvements to the pier to foster Ma Liu Shui Ferry Pier as a gateway to various tourist attractions in the northern and eastern New Territories.

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