Ma Nam Wat Pier


Ma Nam Wat Pier is located in the Sai Kung District and was built in 1990s.

Villagers use the on-demand kaito ferry services to/from the Ma Nam Wat Pier every day, for daily commuting to other areas in the Sai Kung area. There are also visitors to Ma Nam Wat for hiking, water sport activities, etc. during weekends.

A number of features of environmental significance exist near the Ma Nam Wat Pier, including the Ma On Shan Country Park, Sam Sing Wan Site of Archaeological Interest, Ma Nam Wat Fish Culture Zone, Conservation Area, and Coastal Protection Area, etc.

The insufficient water depth of the berth of the Ma Nam Wat Pier, in particular during low tide, makes berthing of relatively large vessels difficult and causes inconvenience to passenger when boarding and alighting. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the pier.

Pier Improvement

We will consult the relevant stakeholders and formulate appropriate improvements to the pier in response to local needs.

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